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Editorial Review:

Butterball’s Christmas Surprise follows the life of an adorable poodle as she prepares for Christmas. Butterball goes shopping, decorates a tree, and goes to the groomer to get ready for the big day. Butterball gets into mischief along the way, but does her best to show her mummy that she’s a good dog and is rewarded with a special visit from Rudolph and Santa.

This is an adorable holiday picture book that is perfect for young readers who are advancing to stories with full sentences and paragraphs. There are no difficult words, but word repetition will help develop reading comprehension and confidence.

Each character is doe eyed and very cute. The illustrations cover each page with a soft color palette and simple yet emotive graphic art. Readers are given a challenge at the beginning of the story to find 12 Christmas Candy Canes throughout the story ensuring that readers will be fully engaged with this entertaining book. The bonus ‘Fun Questions’ section at the back of the book makes this book a full reading comprehension lesson in itself.

Author Julia Seaborn provides elementary readers, parents, and teachers with another beautifully illustrated children’s book that is a prefect fit for the holidays, as a learning tool, or as a delightful bedtime story. - Literary Titan

RobbyeFaye  -

5.0 out of 5 stars Cute Story

Reviewed in the United States on May 17, 2021

Butterball’s Christmas Surprise, by Julia Seaborn, is a story of the special friendship between a pet and its owner, especially during the holiday season.

Butterball is a poodle, with fluffy yellow fur the color of butter, who enjoys Christmas shopping and decorating their home. She is slightly mischievous and creates some mishaps!

Butterball and her owner go on several adventures, including a trip to the groomers so Butterball can look nice for her upcoming surprise.

Many words may be difficult for beginning readers. However, with encouragement and just a little stretching, they should be able to read the story.

The sketches of festive holiday displays in stores and at home are attractive. The style is perfect for young readers and younger listeners to enjoy.

I enjoyed the story, both for its theme and its colorful illustrations. A bonus, at the end, includes questions, a story of Santa and a website for downloading Christmas crafts. In addition, there are twelve candy canes to look for as you read the story.

Butterball’s Christmas Surprise is sure to be appreciated by all ages who believe(d) in Santa, but especially those from Newborn to 8.


Goodreads - Margaret rated it 5 stars May 7th, 2021

Butterball the poodle, wow! Adorable! Cute! Loved it! So, well written! A fun read! Little ones will love this, and you will enjoy reading it to them. It put a smile on my face. Enjoy!